Pernils Bufalvent is an industrial company with a family character, created in 1989 and located in Manresa, Barcelona. Its productive activity is focused on providing the service selection, salting, drying of hams and pork shoulders. Since its foundation, BUFALVENT has concentrated its efforts in developing a product with the highest quality standards. Through this strong vocation, in 2016 BUFALVENT became the first company in history to get the highest international recognition of the quality and flavour of dry cured ham, been awarded with the highest score (three stars), granted by iTQi, which is the largest event of food quality worldwide.BUFALVENT will lead the tasks dealing with the industrial integration of the HamTech technology, and will adapt it to the traditional Spanish manufacturing process. This process is characterised by the fact that hams are salted under salt excess conditions, and the salt uptake is regulated by setting the salting time. BUFALVENT will participate actively in the development of the correlation models, by acquiring, managing and preprocessing production data. Finally, in the last phase of the project BUFALVENT will validate the HamTech technology at their production site.



Fratelli Galloni S.p.A. is a single product company specialized in the production of superior quality Parma ham for over 50 years. The company has three plants with 58 employees and an overall production of approximately 300,000 hams per year. Galloni ham is supplied to qualified delicatessen stores and prestigious restaurants both in Italy and abroad. Fratelli Galloni, chose to aim for superior quality right from the onset, by applying a production process that would have the right balance of modern technology and traditional procedures. The role of GALLONI will be focused on the integration of the HamTech technology into their production line, and on the generation of a production dataset that will be used in the development of the predictive control models. Moreover, GALLONI will be directly involved in the validation of the technology. As a producer of Parma ham, the current manufacturing process used by GALLONI follows the traditional Italian methodology, in which hams are salted in two stages, and the amount of salt is dosed at each salting stage. Therefore, the involvement of GALLONI will allow adapting and optimizing the HamTech to the specific Italian dry cured ham production process.



SSICA is an Italian Research institute, founded in 1922 for the scientific and technical progress of companies producing preserved food. SSICA carries out its activity in many agrifood areas, through applied research, consultancy, training, information & communication. In 2016 SSICA has become a national Foundation for international research. To date SSICA is an important institution of applied research in the food preservation sector. SSICA includes laboratories and pilot plants specific to different agrifoods sectors – including Meat, Fish and Vegetable Products, as well as departments in charge for horizontal activities applied in preserved food sciences, like Microbiology, Packaging, Consumer Science, Metrology, Environment and Chemical Safety. SSICA will be in charge of the modelling of the salting stages according to the input variables acquired from the system in line (ham weight, lean to fat ratio, WHC score, predicted salt content), and of the development of the predictive control models to manage the process up to final outcome, according to process weight losses measured on line. Moreover, in close collaboration with industrial partners, they will adapt the developed models for the particularities of the Spanish and Italian processes, with the aim of improving process control and product quality and homogeneity. Besides this fundamental work, SSICA will be in charge of performing analyses of fully matured processed hams, in order to validate by means of objective indices and reference laboratory methods, the predictions made by the implemented control system. Finally, SSICA will also lead the Project communication tasks.